Special Fur People

Osiris (V) Tommy Hilfiger AKA Tommy Trench Coat1

Tommy Trench Coat.... My Buddy, my Friend I've tried to write this so many times and each time my eye's become awash with tears.  Your gone now but never forgotten your earthly spirit is in that little wooden box on top of the bar. Along with your essance and a part of my heart.  You fought so very hard to stay with me to show your love and support but alas you crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Over to the field of flowers where the butterflys play in the sun. I miss you dearly my Friend one day I hope we shall meet again so I can cuddle and pet you and tell you how much I love you. 

ACF AoE QFA Plat Db. Gd. Ch. FCCQ Gold Db. Gd. Ch. Osiris (V) Influncedtothrill (Pixie)

2010 Brisbane Royal Show:

Best of Breed Abyssinian,

Best Entire Female,

Best Group Three Entire Cat,

Supreme Short Hair Entire Cat,

2010 Brisbane Royal Supreme Feline of Show.

2010 QFA Kitten of the Year

2010 QFA 3rd Cat of the Year

2010 QFA Best of Breed Abyssinian

2010 QICC Kitten of the Year

2010 CFCCQ Kitten of the Year

2010 CFCCQ Best of Breed Abyssinian

2010 FCCQ Reserve Kitten of the Year

2010 FCCQ Best of Breed Abyssinian.

Pixie's my name and boy do I ever live up to it! I teach all the other cats where the toys are stored, how to open drawers and how to turn on the entertainment units. I'm never far from trouble and constantly in where I shouldn't be. But that's ME !!!!

Yon's daughter Pixie is very special to us she suffered through a very serious blood clot with her last litter that caused her to be paralysed across her back legs.  Suffering and constantly being manipulated by Sue to attempt to reduce some of the paralysis Pixie undauntedly raised her litter like the Trooper she is.  Pixie is now implanted and will remain that way for the rest of her period with us as we are not taking the chance that surgery would bring on another clot.  Besides we love our Pixie and she loves the world.

Sire: Ch. Osiris(v) Aussie Dream

Dam: CCCA Ch, QFA Gold Db. Gd. Ch. CCCA Nat Show Ch. Vic Gold Gd. Ch. Osiris (V) InfluncedBuYou

Colour: Tawny

DOB: 10.10.09

CCCA Ch, QFA GdDbGdCh, CCCA Nat Show Ch Vic Gd Gd Ch Osiris (v) Influenced Buyou

Sire: Gd. Ch. Rififi of Wonderlove (Imp. Germany)

Dam: Tijah Influence

Date of Birth: 13.10.07

Colour: Tawny

PK-def Negative, PRA Negative

Yon is a very rich Tawny girl, she has had a stunning show, being awarded numerous Best in Shows and Group 3 Supremes. In May 2009, at the Abyssinian Breeder Show, Yon was Supreme Exhibit in two of the three ring show. The following day at the Birman All Breeds show she was Supreme Group 3 Exhibit in Show again under the South African Judge. One of Yon's offspring ACF AoE QFA Sapphire Double Grand Champion FCCQ Gold Double Grand Champion Osiris (V) Influncedtothrill AKA Pixie was crowned Brisbane Royal Supreme Feline of Show in 2010. In 2011 winning the same award was Osiris (V) Talk Dirty to Me. Buddy as he is affectionately known followed that up with a double up being awarded Supreme Feline of Show again in 2012.

QFA Silver Db. Gd. Ch. Vic Silver Gd. Ch. Osiris(v) Redhot

Sire: Silver Gd. Ch. Osiris(v) Cool Running

Dam: Osiris(v) Akecheta

Date of Birth: 18.04.09

Colour: Cinnamon

PRA and PK Def negative in Sire and Dam

Little Dottie is the love of my life. She has had such a bad start - an abcess on the top of her head when she was 7 weeks old, then with her immune system down a bit, got Toxoplasmosis. She is now well recovered and looking just beautiful. I did manage to take her to the CCCA National in Perth in July where she did extremely well in a hot field, and she managed to get a Best Kitten in Show. Dottie has the most beautiful earset, profile and chin, something I have been trying to improve on here for a few years.

Redhot is now retired and enjoying the foot of the bed at night.

SILVER CH. Highgaitpaws Have A Chat (Imp USA) (Chat)

Sire: Gd. Ch. Highgaitpaws Takeachance of Marzacknoll

Dam: Highgaitpaws Rumor Has It

Date of Birth: 14.02.09

Colour: Tawny

This outstanding male was bred by Mindy Condon of HighgaitPaws. We can not thank her enough for this outstanding boy, this was a mating I watched and watched and then just had to have. He went to his first show on 19.04.10 and under Fred Haslemore from New Zealand was Best Group 3 Exhibit. Chat has gone on to produce some of the best Abys in the country and even has offspring as far away as Germany and Russia.  Chat was retired in 2012 and now lives with a lovely retired couple in Central Costal Queensland. 

CCCA GD. CH. SAPPHIRE. GD CH. Osiris(v) Running Bear

Sire: Ch. Osiris(v) Chief Redbull

Dam: Tijah Influence

Date of Birth:  18.10.06

Colour: Tawny

PK-def Negative

PRA Negative


Bear has done exceptionally well on the show bench coming in as Best in Show and Supreme on more occasions than we can count.  Bear's beautiful and outgoing personality has won her many friends and show bench fan.  Bear has produced some of the finest kittens under the Osiris (V) name. A number of her children are living in other catteries across Australia, New Zealand and overseas..well done Ms Bear!!!   Bear's retired now and mostly just "supervises" around the house.

Osiris (V) Touch of Love Touch

Sire:     Osiris (V) Fast Talker Too

Dam:    Osiris (V) Claudia Schiffer

DOB:    23/02/2014


Touch is the sofest, loveable, exceptionally friendly un-studd cat.  From his picture you can tell he is one stunning example of an Aby.  His show carrer was very limited as he is quite shy and was not impressed with all the other cats and the goings on at shows.  Hence he has been a house cat prior to his moving to his own quarters where his lovability is demonstarted each and ever time he entertains a female.  Touch is so smooth we should ahve called him Cary Grant.

Ch Tijah Porcelain Blue

Sire: US Ch. Unkamen Ravenheart (Imp USA)

Dam: US Ch. Unkamen From Russian with Love (Imp USA

Colour: Blue

PK-def Negative, PRA Negative

A huge thank you to Suzanne Hatcher for this opportunity to better our blue program, I know how lucky I am!! Porsha well what can we say?  Much like the car she is named after she's a bit of a racing machine a bit highly strung and always on the go.  Surprisingly enough her kittens are all just the posit of her and have the most loving, attentive and outgoing natures.  Portia has produced some of the most stunning Tawny kittens.  A pretty grand achievement for a Blue girl.   

Ch Osiris (V) Claudia Schiffer

Sire: Gd Ch Cannonball of Wonderlove (Imp Germany)

Dam: Osiris (V) Judge Judy

DOB: 08.09.111

Colour: Tawny


Shiffy-Diffy has shown a lot of promise on the show bech with her captivating manner garnering her many awards.  She currently has a litter of five tawny babaies on the ground.  Two pre-reserved and one going to an international judge in France.

Jodaerin Peter Pan

Colour: Tawny

DOB: 12.09.10

Peter Pan comes courtesy of Helen Norwood of WA and holds a very special spot in the hearts of all Aby Breeders across Australia.  Pete is a quiet and unassuming boy with the most gentle and affectionate nature.  It was decided that Pete should become a Chat d'Or and Osiris (V) resident “Forever Cat” as such he can mostly be found in front of a window or other sunny place being pestered by little kittens.

QFA Gold Db. Gd. Ch, CCCA Ch, Vic Silver Gd. Ch. Osiris(v) Prada

Sire: Db. Gd. Ch. Osiris(v) Heart N Soul

Dam: CCCA Gd, Ch. Saph Gd. Ch. Osiris(v) Running Bear

Date of Birth: 22.05.09

Colour: Tawny Possibly Carrying Cinnamon and Blue

PRA and PK Def negative in Sire and Dam

Prada is a lovely example of the breed. At her first show at just 10 weeks managed a Best Kitten in Show. She has superb colour like her dad and I think a lovely look. Prada has given us some of the most outstanding Osiris (V) kittens and has offspring scattered around the world.  For a five year old she still has plenty of spring in her step and manages to keep pace with the kittens in the house.  She has the most intense colour and the most afectionate and loveing nature...Oh yes and she's s shoulder cat. Prada is now retired and spends her days either in the sun or on the bed....she deserves it.

Silver Double Grand Champion Taliz Tia Taquita Tia

“Hi my name is Tia and I am four and a half years old now retired from breeding and seeking a nice warm bed to sleep on at night”. “I'm not very big and as you can see I've the most beautiful eyes of any cat around”. “ Not wanting to be like some humans on dating sites that post 20 year old pictures the first one is of me a year or so ago.  The second is after that surgery thing and I've gained a bit of weight but that's all the more for you to love!!”

Yes Tia has themost big and beautiful eyes, a quiet nature prone to seeking out the highest spots in the house both for the commanding view and sleeping prowess ... there will always be a very soft spot in my heart for Tia...however she needs her own space and humans that understand that she is a regal Aby and needs to be an  “only” cat  .... Dad. Note; Tia was adopted out but failed to settle so she is back with us now settled and happy as a lark.